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    Vorras Pants (Coyote)

    Product description

    Vorras Climbing Pants, is a Heavy Duty Tactical pants, a high quality product especially designed for Professionals and also for those who are interested in adventure activities like hiking, exploring, hunting or doing tough jobs in general.

    The name "Vorras" has 2 meanings and we have given it for both of them. The 1st meaning of Vorras in Ancient Greek era, was the name of the Geographical direction on compass of North direction, the 2nd meaning of the name was taken because of Mount Vorras, the 3rd highest Peak (2.524m) in Greece but one of the toughest & dangerous on Balkan peninsula, due to the weather conditions and the ground morphology... So for that reason we called these pants Vorras Climbing Pants.

    Technical Details:

    These pants are made of a high durable 100% Nylon Canvas, that gives the abillity to the fabric to be strong enough and at the same time comfortable and nice fitting.

    We have also placed extra Nylon Ripstop fabric with 2way stretch elasticity to the key points such as Kneepads, back seat and of course the area between the ankles. That Nylon Ripstop fabric is giving the needed protection in combination with elasticity and also enough thickness to protect your body from scratches, injuries and humidity, due to the soft liner on the fabric.

    All seams are Double stitched with 203mm stitch and key points are Triple Stitched giving incredible strength on stretches and tough activities. Of course we have added the necessary Diamond Crotch in order to give more space for movements and maneuvers of the body...

    We have used 4.5" anti-brass YKK zipper and a Jeans Button with a unique PENTAGON design. Main hand pockets are made with enough depth to place your hands there and we have added Protective fillet patches on the specified points in order to place your tools there such as Knives, flashlights or anything else.

    Side Cargo Pockets are designed with specific pleats adjustment  to give the most space needed in order to place your necessary tools or personal things but in the meantime they have a slim line on the legs to have a nice look. These pockets are sealed with THC zippers.

    Belt loops around the waist band are designed in such way to fit belts upon 1.75" and they are very strong. We have also added on the 2 front belt loops extra fillet pockets to hang from there your gear.

    Inside the pants, at the waist area someone can find a small hidden pocket that can be used to ensure your ID, keys or change.

    On Back side of pants there are also 2 more pockets that in a nice design that you can place your wallet or some personal stuff.


    • 100% Nylon Canvas
    • 100% Nylon Ripstop Re-enforcement parts with 2way elasticity
    • YKK Anti-brass main zipper
    • THC pocket zippers
    • Unique JEANS button design
    • Re-enforced Kneepads
    • Re-enforced Back seat
    • Re-enforced Ankles area
    • Triple Stitch on key Points
    • Double Stitch in whole pants
    • Side Cargo pockets sealed by THC zipper


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    Vorras Pants (Coyote)
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    Vorras Pants (Coyote)
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