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    Spear / Nerve For Team Wendy Exfil Helmet (Black)


    With the Wiley X Rail Attachment System (RAS), you get a system that is made and designed based on experience from the battlefields. It provides you with a secure and trustworthy fit that is compatible with the rails on Team Wendy EXFIL® helmets. All Wiley X goggles feature a traditional goggle strap, but with the RAS you are provided an alternative that is simple to attach onto your Wiley X tactical goggle frame.

    The system includes two short straps. In the one end of the straps are the RAS buckles, which can easily be click onto the sides of the tactical goggle frame. Simply remove the standard goggle strap and click-on the rail attachment strap instead. In the other end of the straps are the integrated thumbscrews, which you screw into the helmet rail T-slots, meaning the slot at the back of the rail, for the attachment of your Wiley X tactical goggles to your Team Wendy EXFIL® helmet. The elastic straps are fire retardant, and they also feature an easy-use slider, which can be slid forth and back to adjust the length of the goggle strap, ultimately ensuring you a perfect, individual fit.

    This particular WX Rail Attachment System is specifically developed to fit your Wiley X goggle to your Team Wendy EXFIL® helmet. If your helmet has an ARC rail system, please choose the WX RAS strap system that accommodates this fit.

    When your mission is peaking and the action is at the tip, you will benefit from the secure installation offered by the RAS together with you Wiley X tactical goggle: Simple handling and a secure usage. The RAS system ensures you a secure attachment when using tactical goggles with an adjustable strap together with your Team Wendy EXFIL® helmet.

    - Compatible with both the SPEAR tactical goggle and the NERVE tactical goggle.
    - Strap width of 25mm
    - Fire retardant strap
    - Easy system for strap fitting
    - Simple attachment to the rail
    - Durable design
    - Available in both tan and black



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    Spear / Nerve For Team Wendy Exfil Helmet (Black)
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    Spear / Nerve For Team Wendy Exfil Helmet (Black)
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